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Sample Speaking Engagements

Wasik, S. Z., & Barrow, J.C. (2019, May). Managing the Psychosocial Impacts of COVID-19 in the Workforce. Live Presentation and Webinar hosted by Ford Smart Mobility, Durham, NC.


Wasik, S. Z., Royal, C., Barrow, J, & Brooks, R. (2018, April). Like it or not, Online Education is Here to Stay: Best Practices for Online Teaching and Remote Learning. American Counseling Association National Conference, Atlanta, GA.


Wasik, S.Z. (2018, March 8). Engaging Millennials in the Workplace: Practical Perspectives, Strategies and Insights That Will Help Save Time, Money, and Energy. Annual HR Management Conference - Best Practices in HR and People Management. CAI. North Carolina State University McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC.


Wasik, S.Z. (2017, October). Leading the Way: Preparing Students for Jobs That Do Not Yet Exist. Annual Conference of the North Carolina Counseling Association, Elon, NC.


Wasik, S. Z. & Huebner, B (2016, November). Developing Inclusive and Cross-Cultural Leadership Competencies for a Virtual Global Workforce. International Leadership Association Global Conference, Atlanta, GA. (International)


Wasik, S.Z. (2016, May). Grit: Cultivating the Habit of Resilience. Refereed Presentation - Association for Humanistic Counseling National Conference, Portland, OR. (National Conference)


Wasik, S.Z. (2016, May). How to Teach and Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Refereed Presentation - VII Convención Intercontinental de Psicología, 7th Annual Intercontinental Psychology Conference, HOMINIS 2016, Havana, Cuba. (International)

Sample Published Articles

Scott, L. S., Mansaray, M., Barrows, J., Sawyer-Kurian, K. M., Wasik, S., & Ghekiere, E. (2021). Exploration of African American Counselor-in-Training Group Core Skills: Importance and Confidence level. European Journal of Psychology and Educational Research, 2, 2.


Barrow, J., Wasik, S.Z., Corry, L.B., & Gobble, C.A. (2019). Trauma-Informed Career Counseling: Identifying and Advocating for the Vocational Needs of Human Services Clients and Professionals. Journal of Human Services.


Akos, P., Wasik, S. Z., McDonald, A., Soler, M., & Lys, D. (2019). The Challenge and Opportunity of Competency‐ Based Counselor Education. Counselor Education and Supervision, 58(2), 98-111.


Barrow, J., Wasik, S. Z., & Whiting, P. (2019). Cookie Friendships: School Counselors Use of Genograms as an Assessment Tool in the Digital Age. The Journal of Counseling Research and Practice, 4(1), 119 – 128.


Wasik, S., Barrow, J., Royal, C., Brooks, R., Dames, L., Corry, L., & Bird, C. (2019). Online Counselor Education: Creative Approaches and Best Practices in Online Learning Environments. Research on Education and Psychology, 3(1), 1-1.


Wasik, S. Z., & Barrow, J. (2018). Odyssey of the Mind: Using a Creative Problem-Solving Competition to Promote Career Readiness in Elementary School. Journal of Education, 197(3), 46-50.


Royal, C., Wasik, S., Horne, R., Dames, L., & Newsome, G. (2017). Digital Wellness: Integrating Wellness in Everyday Life with Digital Content and Learning Technologies (Ch. 6). In Keengwe and Bull (Eds.) Handbook of Research On Transformative Digital Content and Learning Technologies (pp. 103-117). Hershey, PA: IGI Global


Wasik, S. Z. (2017). Integrating the Concept of Grit into a Curriculum for Counseling Practicum and Internship Students. VISTAS 2017.

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