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Sample Speaking Engagements

Wasik, S. Z., Smith, J.D., & Lohmann, R.C. (2023, February). Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety, Inclusivity, and Engagement in Online Learning Environments. Annual Conference of the North Carolina Counseling Association, Greensboro, NC.

Wasik, S.Z. (2022, February). Managing your Career During the Pandemic. Live Panel Discussion hosted by Trustwave.


Wasik, S. Z., & Barrow, J.C. (2019, May). Managing the Psychosocial Impacts of COVID-19 in the Workforce. Live Presentation and Webinar hosted by Ford Smart Mobility, Durham, NC.


Wasik, S. Z., Royal, C., Barrow, J, & Brooks, R. (2018, April). Like it or not, Online Education is Here to Stay: Best Practices for Online Teaching and Remote Learning. American Counseling Association National Conference, Atlanta, GA.


Wasik, S.Z. (2018, March 8). Engaging Millennials in the Workplace: Practical Perspectives, Strategies and Insights That Will Help Save Time, Money, and Energy. Annual HR Management Conference - Best Practices in HR and People Management. CAI. North Carolina State University McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC.


Wasik, S.Z. (2017, October). Leading the Way: Preparing Students for Jobs That Do Not Yet Exist. Annual Conference of the North Carolina Counseling Association, Elon, NC.


Wasik, S. Z. & Huebner, B (2016, November). Developing Inclusive and Cross-Cultural Leadership Competencies for a Virtual Global Workforce. International Leadership Association Global Conference, Atlanta, GA. (International)


Wasik, S.Z. (2016, May). Grit: Cultivating the Habit of Resilience. Refereed Presentation - Association for Humanistic Counseling National Conference, Portland, OR. (National Conference)


Wasik, S.Z. (2016, May). How to Teach and Cultivate Emotional Intelligence. Refereed Presentation - VII Convención Intercontinental de Psicología, 7th Annual Intercontinental Psychology Conference, HOMINIS 2016, Havana, Cuba. (International)

Sample Publications

Scott, L. S., Mansaray, M., Barrows, J., Sawyer-Kurian, K. M., Wasik, S., & Ghekiere, E. (2021). Exploration of African American Counselor-in-Training Group Core Skills: Importance and Confidence level. European Journal of Psychology and Educational Research, 2, 2.


Barrow, J., Wasik, S.Z., Corry, L.B., & Gobble, C.A. (2019). Trauma-Informed Career Counseling: Identifying and Advocating for the Vocational Needs of Human Services Clients and Professionals. Journal of Human Services.


Akos, P., Wasik, S. Z., McDonald, A., Soler, M., & Lys, D. (2019). The Challenge and Opportunity of Competency‐ Based Counselor Education. Counselor Education and Supervision, 58(2), 98-111.


Barrow, J., Wasik, S. Z., & Whiting, P. (2019). Cookie Friendships: School Counselors Use of Genograms as an Assessment Tool in the Digital Age. The Journal of Counseling Research and Practice, 4(1), 119 – 128.


Wasik, S., Barrow, J., Royal, C., Brooks, R., Dames, L., Corry, L., & Bird, C. (2019). Online Counselor Education: Creative Approaches and Best Practices in Online Learning Environments. Research on Education and Psychology, 3(1), 1-1.


Wasik, S. Z., & Barrow, J. (2018). Odyssey of the Mind: Using a Creative Problem-Solving Competition to Promote Career Readiness in Elementary School. Journal of Education, 197(3), 46-50.


Royal, C., Wasik, S., Horne, R., Dames, L., & Newsome, G. (2017). Digital Wellness: Integrating Wellness in Everyday Life with Digital Content and Learning Technologies (Ch. 6). In Keengwe and Bull (Eds.) Handbook of Research On Transformative Digital Content and Learning Technologies (pp. 103-117). Hershey, PA: IGI Global


Wasik, S. Z. (2017). Integrating the Concept of Grit into a Curriculum for Counseling Practicum and Internship Students. VISTAS 2017.

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